·         12 years of experience in SAP BW/BI 3.5/7.0/7.3/7.4 on maintenance and implementation projects including 6 full life  cycle projects.

·          Experience and training in HANA, BW on HANA.

·     Experience with BPS on implementation and maintenance projects, Experience with Integrated Planning including  custom planning functions.

·       Extensive usage of ABAP programming during all projects including ABAP Objects and ABAP Web Dynpro technology,  AMDP.

·         Experience with backend as well as front end part of BI.

·         Focused on Performance optimization of ABAP Programs and BI objects.

·         Experience with design of Authorization concept for planning and reporting solutions.

·         Experience in areas of FI MM COPA Logistics and HR.

·         Member of Mensa Slovakia